Anchorage Zoo

This was our last full day in Alaska, and we planned on staying in or near Anchorage. The Alaska Zoo was a must see for Kelly, and I was interested too because they have a polar bear and brown bears! The zoo didn't open until 10AM, so we did little until it was time to leave. We reached the zoo a little before opening time, so had a prime parking spot!

The Bear Pair

When we visited Phillips' Cruises and Tours office in Anchorage, we learned from Carol (who volunteers at the zoo) that the zoo has one enclosure with both a polar and brown bear. They were both orphaned, and are much the same age, and were raised together. They share their enclosure, although it looks as though they will soon need to be split up.

Polar Bear at Anchorage Zoo

Aphun, the polar bear, giving us a good look over.

Polar Bear at Anchorage Zoo

Hmmm, sniffing the water to see if it's OK to swim?

Brown Bear in with Polar Bear

Oreo checking this log.

Brown Bear in with Polar Bear

Polar and Brown Bears together

Oreo and Aphun together.

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